Tarriss Saurer holds a Bachelors in Science for Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Sciences from Queens College. She is a genetic mutation research developer on the interactions of food with your individual body.

After finding over 50 mutations in her own body, she was driven to find the reasons her body collapsed. It was from overdrive being an overly physically active female. This inspired her to further her nutrition studies to cutting edge science. She also works as a chief sensory advisor and is a plant based menu developer for a number of chefs and gourmet market places. She holds a CPT certificate and is a Culinary Sports Nutrition Expert. Her company ProNutritionRX encourages, educates and mentors teens to fuel their bodies with proper nutrition for optimal performance both physically and mentally on or off the field.

She counsels individuals on healthy eating habits while setting goals, discussing strategies, and creating a plan of action.

Prior to a career in fitness and wellness, she comes from a long background of culinary and restaurant development driving her past knowledge to her new practice.