Janira Martinez is a Transformational Health & Life Coach based in New York City. After spending years battling chronic health issues and trying a myriad of things to address her physical symptoms, Janira started working with a life coach on healing her emotional blocks.

The fusion of the physical and emotional healing made a great impact on Janira and she went from being a tired, frustrated, and shut down woman to a vibrant, happy, and expressive woman. Her health and her life completely transformed.

In her practice, Janira helps women experience their own personal transformations through a unique fusion of coaching, nutrition and body-based healing. Typical results of working with Janira include: feeling amazing in your body, feeling confident about who you are and what you want, experiencing more pleasure in your life and your relationships, having deep clarity on your purpose, and even experiencing full reversal of chronic health issues! Janira is the host and founder of The Goddess Gatherings, a monthly space for women to connect in sisterhood and creator of Healing the Blocks to Love, an 8 week program for women who are ready to call in the love they want and deserve. She is also a speaker for The Love Group where she travels to schools teaching self-expression and empowering the next generation of female leaders.