Heather Arabadjis is the author of the award winning children’s series, Monster Mas. She writes about social, emotional, and educational issues, which are at the forefront of ‘today’s student.’

She began her journey as a teacher in the classroom 15 years ago, teaching inner city students in Hunts Point, Bronx, located in New York City – one of the most poverty stricken areas in the country. This is where her practice started to flourish, and she learned the needs of her students weren’t being addressed in children’s literature. Monster Mas was born, and has transformed student’s lives in many ways. Heather travels to schools around the country, as well as internationally, to share Monster Mas’ trials and tribulations dealing with bullying, testing anxiety, and how to become an active leader within your community, while learning about U.S. Politics. Heather’s events inspire and empower youth, from kindergarten through high school, to achieve the highest level of education obtainable, with respect and dignity for oneself, and others.