After spending over a decade in New York City’s inner city schools, Carmin Caterina discovered her purpose in empowering and inspiring others to be their best selves and to live in a place of intention and joy.

She has always had an affinity for working in the most challenging settings in some of NYC’s toughest neighborhoods. As a product of the inner city and a disconnected childhood herself, she realized the power of a shift in mindset could have transformed her own life. This awareness led her to actively think about the lessons she was creating for her own daughters; and thus, Lessons For My Daughters was born. Raising two girls has shown her the importance of understanding simple, yet profound truths at an early age.

Carmin is passionate about encouraging others to follow their dreams, know their self-worth, and identify their unique talents and beauty, especially the young people in her life. After completing a certificate program in Educational Administration, she was inspired to homeschool her girls and embark on a year-long journey of traveling the country. This resulted in the experience of a lifetime. The classroom today can be exceptionally demanding, often missing the fundamental lessons about life and emotional intelligence that our children need to find contentment. This program is designed to bridge that gap and give our daughters the tools for self-fulfillment, not only for today, but for the rest of their lives.