The Love Group is a unique, non-profit speaking agency whose goal is to inspire and educate the next generation of leaders. We have an incredible team of speakers with diverse areas of expertise. They have joined forces, traveling across the nation to share their knowledge through a series of confidence-building workshops, lectures, and panel discussions.

Our unparalleled motivational group presentations are designed to have a positive impact by giving our audience the tools they need to love themselves and pursue their dreams!


We tailor our workshops to align with each client’s needs. We ensure fun, interactive programming designed to educate and inspire through shared experiences. Below are just a few examples of the topics we can cover:

  • Changing Your Life Through Perspective

  • Learning to Trust Your Gut

  • Looking for the Good in Others

  • Pursuing your Passion & Purpose

  • Self Expression

  • Quieting your Inner Bully

  • Taking Action for Happiness

  • Learning to Love your Body

  • Goal Setting

  • How to be an Effective Leader

  • Letting Go at the End of  Your Day

  • Self-expression and following your true desires

  • Finding your Voice

  • Self-love Through Nutrition

  • Embracing Who You Are

  • How to Connect to People Through Honesty