Hi! Welcome to The Love Group.

We are four friends, speakers and professionals from different cultures, backgrounds and age groups coming together to offer healing and inspiration through our new web-based talk show. We believe that talking is medicine, and each of us brings our own unique perspective as we share our intimate journeys of struggle and triumph to plant seeds, shift mindsets and help people live in their possibility.

We speak and listen from our hearts as we dive deep into topics that people don’t talk enough about, and we hope our audience can take something away from each episode. But we are not just here to teach. We are also here to learn, especially in this current climate where it has become abundantly clear that we could all do a little more listening, and that learning is a lifelong journey.

To that end, as we continue to build our platform, we warmly welcome guests on our show whose views, experiences and voices are different from our own. It’s in those conversations – the ones in which we truly open our hearts and minds to others – that allow us to become our very best selves. We are The Love Group, and we can’t wait to grow and heal with you.

Start spreading the love and tune in here.